There are few elected officials in the Oregon Legislature who’ve done more than Rod Monroe to advance crucial Democratic values.

Rod Monroe has helped pass many laws that have improved life in Oregon including…

All-Day Kindergarten

The Women’s Reproductive Health Equity Act

The Oregon Promise initiative to make higher education more affordable

Rod Monroe’s Proven Record On Democratic Priorities


Rod Monroe supports restoring protections for Dreamers and working towards a permanent solution for thousands of young people who are pursuing their American Dream.


Rod Monroe voted for $7.5 million a year for funding affordable housing for veterans.

Strengthening Our Schools

A former teacher, Rod Monroe delivered over $100 million for our schools to reduce class sizes and passed funding for talented and gifted programs, special education programs, and kindergarten and job training programs that help ensure students get the training they need for college or a career.

Reducing Gun Violence

As a former teacher, Rod Monroe applauds the students all across the country who are making their voices heard by calling for an end to the gun violence that has ended too many young lives.

Reducing Climate Change

Rod Monroe voted for Clean Fuels legislation to cut down on pollution from cars and trucks and he also supported transitioning Oregon's power sources away from dirty coal.

Passing Paid Sick Time

Rod Monroe voted for the law guaranteeing Oregon workers five paid sick days a year because they shouldn’t have to risk losing their jobs or paying their bills when they’re sick or need to take care of a sick child.

Making College Affordable

Rod Monroe voted to create the Oregon Promise so that more young Oregonians can afford to go to community college and get their careers started.

Better Women’s Health Care

In 2017, Rod Monroe voted to secure access to reproductive health and made sure that there's no co-pay for preventative services.

Increasing Affordable Housing

Rod Monroe voted for the landmark law that encouraged the development of more affordable housing, he voted to ban unfair rent increases, and Rod also supported investing hundreds of millions of dollars in affordable housing for Oregon families.

Protecting Healthcare for ALL

Rod Monroe helped pass Measure 101, which protects health care for working families, seniors, and 400,000 children in our state.

Rod Monroe’s proven record of results for Oregonians — along with his plan for the future — is why so many voters are supporting him again this year.

Legislative Champion - Mothers Against Drunk Driving • Appreciation Award - Moms Demand Action • 100% Rating - Oregon League of Conservation Voters 2017 • Endorsed - Oregon Building Trades Union

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